Vision Mission


The future vision of the college is to naturally awaken the concept of overall culture and Sanskrit language texts. “यतो वा इमानि भूतानि जायन्ते एन जातानि जीवंति तं प्रत्यामियं विशंते तं जिज्ञाशस्व तद ब्रम्ह” and “आत्मनोमोक्षार्थम जगत हिताय च” Sant Gahira Guruji , inspired by excellent human compassion , pledged to establish a Sanskrit college for the overall development of the forest dwellers the climax of human character “सोपान भूतं मोक्षस्य मानवं प्राप्त दुर्लभं” realizing the concept of the Guruji said the tune of the rejection of theft, false and murder and by accepting true , peace , pity and forgiveness these basic human emotions students studying in the college , introducing the Indian culture and ‘Devbhasha’ Sanskrit on the basis of gurukul system installing of human values and handing a valuable citizen to the nation.


Aiming at the motto ‘आत्म्नोमोक्षार्थम जगत हिताय च’ the college is organizing various activities for social harmony , community upliftment along with continuous educational activities and dedicating the students to the nation by developing leadership qualities keeping the family , society and the national interest at the center point in their mind. College’s specific goals are:-

  • Motivation of observance of higher human quality and values through Sanskrit oriental education system.
  • To awaken public consciousness in special backward tribes and other tribes through Sanskrit education.
  • Providing confirmation in human life to the Vedanta concept of Gahira Guruji’s preaching of abandonment of stealing, murder, falsehood and accepting the truth, peace, mercy and forgiveness.
  • To introduce with the teaching of the great texts of Sanskrit.
  • To provide a wide platform to the students by organizing various programs to increase confidence.
  • Organizing national festivals and celebrating the birth anniversaries of great men in their original context.
  • To make the students aware of local and national affairs.
  • Motivating for research work on rural, regional, socially relevant topics.
  • Generating the development of character and character of liberal in every human being.
  • Use of latest style along with traditional education system in teaching of oriental disciplines.
  • Keeping in mind the overall personality development of the students, intellectual development nationalism etc. in order to provide a proper environment in the college, as well as to organize various programs related to studies and other activities to give practical form to maximum participation of students and student’s union.